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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Run to the hills

In scenes reminiscent of an English music festival the party spirit continued on the Adelaide Hill despite the weather taking a turn for the worse. As ‘Singing the rain’ rang out and one sage in the press box wondered aloud whether Cliff Richard was soon to make an appearance the Aussie supporters finally had reason to share the good spirits with the English fans.


And when the rain came it brought with it one of those strange mathematical symmetries without which this blog would be sorely short on posts. For four years ago it was with the score reading 551/6 that we declared and turned our attention to taking twenty Australian wickets. This time round we already have ten of them in the bag. But whether the rain will relent in time or the pitch provide enough assistance will be the big topic for discussion in the Adelaide pubs tonight. Whatever happens I’ll leave the posing in front of the scoreboard until the very end.


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