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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The name's Bond

The curtain opens on an open-planned office at a radio station in London. It has just gone 2 o'clock and autumnal sunlight is streaming through tatty blue blinds. An assortment of producers, news-readers and researchers are at work. The post lunch lull where digestion takes priority over productivity is in full swing when.......

*Phone rings*

It's an unfamiliar mobile number so I answer it.

Me: Hello
Voice: Hello. Is this Jonathan Norman?
Me: Yes
Voice: This is Roger Moore. Did you just try and call me?
Me: (thinking: Now this is a surreal moment in my life) Um, yeah!
Roger Moore: Sorry about that. The woman at the hotel reception didn't put the call through on time. Do you want to call again?
Me: Yeah!

Roger Moore hangs up.

Me: (to the office) Roger Moore just called me. How strange.

1 comment:

Kieran said...

WTF!!!! THE Roger Moore of eye brow repute??