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Thursday, 13 March 2008

Return of the Numbers Game

Distance in miles

10,280 = London to Brisbane
852 = Brisbane to Melbourne
406 = Melbourne to Adelaide
1,327 = Adelaide to Perth
1,695 = Perth to Melbourne
443 = Melbourne to Sydney
10,570 = Sydney to London
11,473 = London to Hamilton

37,046 = miles covered watching England lose (so far)

19.593 = tonnes of C02 emissions caused by my air travel
27 = number of trees I need to plant in Kenya to offset my carbon footprint
0 = number of trees I’ll actually plant in Kenya to offset my carbon footprint

100 = percent of games seen that England have lost

10 = wickets taken by Ryan Sidebottom in the first Test
0 = runs scored by Ryan Sidebottom in England’s second innings.
1 = photos taken of Sidebottom’s dismissal (you’ll have to trust me on this one)


244 = distance in miles from Hamilton to Wellington

It’s just one hour by plane to Wellington for the second Test and for some weird reason I'm confident of an England victory!

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