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Sunday, 23 March 2008

It'll still end in tears, Kevin.

Another day another Fulham defeat and by the looks of it England could go the same way. Sitting here in the press box on an overcast morning in Napier and I’m feeling fairly phlegmatic about things. It’s Sunday, I’m slightly hungover and I’ve got a cup of tea in hand which always puts me in a reflective mood. A time for daydreaming and contemplation about where you are in the world and where you’re going to be and this time next week I will be in Australia. My holiday in New Zealand is officially drawing to a close.

With Fulham due to play Derby and with my recently changed plane ticket delivering me to Sydney in time for the Pumpkins gig this time next week I could be basking in the memories of another greatest day moment or, if Fulham lose and my plane delayed, an experience at the other end of the scale.

Big cheer at the MaClean Stadium as I write. Monty Panesar has his middle stump uprooted. England are really on the back foot here and staring at yet another defeat. The seventh I’ve witnessed and possibly the most damaging considering this was supposed to be a flat batting wicket against an inexperienced Kiwi attack.

And another big cheer here signals the end of the England innings. Really poor effort by our lot but fair play to New Zealand and Tim Southee who took five wickets on his debut and he’s only 19 years old.

All of which raises me out of my slumber a little. Nathan and Mark should be out of bed by now and sitting within the Barmy Army section. So I’d better go and join them. See if England can bowl themselves out of the mess the batsmen got themselves into.

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