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Saturday, 7 September 2013

View from my windows

They say art imitates life and if that is the case the creators of The Wire had obviously spent some time on my old estate.  Clapham Junction has many benefits; the best transport links in South London, a close proximity to family, friends, restaurants, commons & work but it also had its drawbacks.  During the 2011 riots Fe and I were prisoners in our own home while disaffected & bored youths wrought havoc on their own community.  Sound insulation between our flat and our neighbours was woefully substandard at times.  And while we would be occasionally treated to glorious sunsets the view from our balcony was a little grim.

 photo DSC05609.jpg


 photo DSC00262.jpg

The rent was good though and we made good use of the freedom this afforded by going on ridiculously long holidays.  One year became two became three then four and then after five years our landlords decided to sell the place and we decided to buy one.  

So Crystal Palace has been added to Tooting, Streatham, Balham, Battersea & Norbury as parts of South London I've called home and today marked the first day I've been able to enjoy it, to laze around in it, to potter about getting things done.  If Fe ever bothered reading this she'd no doubt be saying "about time".  And you know what?  It feels great.

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