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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The waiting game

Shortly after I finished writing yesterday's post I received news that the technological problem I'd been waiting patiently to be resolved would not happen.  So I snapped shut my laptop, packed up my things and texted my friend that I was ready to be picked up.  He replied that he would be twenty minutes or so.  

An hour later I was still seeking shelter next to the Old Trafford Car Park.  It was still raining, I hadn't eaten for ten hours and pretty soon started seeing things.

photo (9)

Eventually he did show up and an enjoyable evening was spent sampling the finest tapas food Manchester has to offer.  Although by the time I came to eat I was so ravenous I could have carved a slice out of my imaginary zebra.  It brought to mind an old Eddie Murphy 'crackers' sketch.

And technology continues to thwart every move today.  DRS on the field ISDN off it.  What is it with acronyms and their ability to get in the way of cricket?  I have now been hanging on for BT to fix their own ISDN line for over 24 hours now.  The wait goes on......

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