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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Return to Rustenburg

And to think I was going to wear my England shirt today.........


Without anywhere near the same amount of fanfare I've made the short journey back to the Bafokeng region of South Africa. Rustenburg is set to host the Group D match between Australia & Ghana this afternoon and I'm going to be in the stands with a beer and a Goughie.

Before last night's diabolical showing by England I'd envisaged a jolly boys days out here. A bit of payback for 06/07 and a chance to ask the Aussie fans to 'look at the scoreboard'. For after their trouncing at the hands of Germany it's make or break for them today. A loss will see them exit and Ghana progress. However a win will see them with more points than England. Suddenly I've less reason to be so cocky.

What price a John Paintsil lap of honour at the final whistle? It's the only thing that could put a smile back on my face today.

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